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Casting Fashion

This winter and in general when I dress for cast and audition I do the fitted pants , boots, simple not overpowering coat or jacket and a statement designer accessory . My go to for that would be my bag Rocco as shown ( In New York I love Alexander Wang , in LA same with the bag and maybe casual looks from Zadig Voltaire with a beanie or other hat  and something from Alex on my feet.) In NYC this winter I wore Wang's  black,mid calf ponyhair boots.

Everything I wear for casting is designer fashion mixed up with street wear... but nothing is WEARING ME. The client must see me , my vibe, my stature and intentions....feel my energy , not be freaking out over my shoes . I save show stopping impressions for nights out . I wear a good bra. Add one piece of jewelry. 

I show my site and portfolio on a new large size I pad . Most agents are requiring digital presentations from models and talent . Most clients have already seen your book but it's nice to pull it up and be prepared to talk about a recent shoot or your reel if asked . 

I always wear perfume but as with the above rule of thumb it should not be WEARING YOU. And fragrances like Tom Ford , Coco , no5 , God forbid Angel or 80 s Obsession . No. Save that and get something beautiful clean and lemony I love L Occitane they have a lemoney scent that nobody has an adversion to .

Casting beauty is simple with groomed, chic hair and natural make up i.e. A finished face . Also clean beautiful manicure and hands . I always brush my teeth before I arrive I always have toothbrush 💯 .

Smile if it's commercial and pout like you hate them if it's a fashion client or an editorial casting director. ( I'm slightly kidding)