Actor, producer, and filmmaker Sage Snakechalmer has proven herself to be a creative force. Her current work focused on powerful character roles and producing projects with strong social agendas, continues a journey in the arts that began when Sage moved to New York City as a teenager. 

After studies in Art History at Fordham University and establishing herself in the worlds of fashion and print modeling, Sage immersed herself in acting and dance. Her acting training includes some of the most reputable programs, teachers and coaches: Susan Batson and Marishka Phillips for method and the legendary Robert X. Modica, Sage’s personal and professional mentor with whom she studied the Meisner technique from 2007 until 2011. In movement and method, Sage’s tutelage counts world-renowned choreographers Francesca Harper and Peter Kyle as her teachers. 

In late 2013 early 2014, Sage made her theatre debut playing Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth in a controversial, one-woman show Private Dancer with its companion film Negotiating Identities. The piece which Sage wrote, produced and staged on Theatre Row was set during the 1952 making of the first of four films Rita self-produced, Affair in Trinidad

Private Dancer incorporating the film Negotiating Identities explored the inner workings of the then Hollywood studio system and took an honest look into Hayworth’s private and professional struggles. Critics expecting to see a happy musical were floored as evidenced by Editor in Chief and Creative Director Paul Wontorek’s description of the show, “An awe-inspiring night of Hollywood lore, real emotion, great stagecraft and glorious film.”

In 2016, Snakechalmer served as Executive Producer alongside famed producer Frank Oz for the award-winning short Muscle. Among the short film’s awards were Best Narrative Short at the Hudson Valley International and Best actress at Broadway International.

Sage again took the title of Executive Producer in 2017 for the documentary short Ram Dass Going Home. The film was shortlisted for an Oscar® by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and is currently a Netflix exclusive film.

In addition to her acting and producing projects, Sage enjoys collaborating with retail and beauty brands as an Influencer. She currently spends time between New York and Los Angeles.

In 2018, Sage’s production company Decent Productions looks forward to the release of the film Everywhere I Go (working title), written by and featuring Sage Snakechalmer.