Sage moved to New York as a teenager from her birthplace Connecticut. After modeling, attending Fordham University, and several years as head of her own artists’ management and production company with such clients as Cartier, Ralph Lauren, SONY, YSL, and Condé Nast Publications, she homed in on her passion, acting.

Sage’s acting studies have included some of the finest acting coaches in New York and Los Angeles, Susan Batson and Marishka Phillips, (Method) and her Meisner coach and mentor, Robert X. Modica among them. Sage has additionally studied method and movement with choreographers Francesca Harper and Peter Kyle.

In 2010, Sage formed Decent Productions Inc. with partners in the fine arts and executive realm. Sage made her theatre debut in 2013 on Theatre Row with Private Dancer directed and produced by Bob Degus, which documented the controversial personal life of Rita Hayworth and the Hollywood studio system of 1952. It marked Decent Productions first project. The original score for Private Dancer was composed by Brian Ralston and featured the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra. (Performance Records) Decent's second project was Negotiating Identities, the short film for which Sage wrote, produced and acted as lead in 2014.

In 2015 Sage takes Executive Producer and Associate Producer titles in notable short films Muscle and Coming Home with Directors Heidi Miami Marshall and Derek Peck. In 2016 Decent Productions opens Everywhere I Go, a new play inspired by Leonid Andreyev's The Serpents' s Tale, written and performed by Sage Snakechalmer, directed by Marta Elena Rodriguez.