Most intense shot

In 2013 I had the pleasure of working with actor Murphy Guyer . I was understanding in advance that Murphy was a very seasoned professional . He was to play a terrifying character opposite mine and our scene was a brutal domestic fight between characters as well as a clash and control of power . His audition was absolutely explosive.

Murphy arrived and we did not mix up in any way prior to shooting . Our director Bob staged an actual combat scene and the build of rage in the room was so intense when we were running it that production designers  and other grip left the room . The location was an old, haunted, mansion .

I was feeling actually drunk on my imagination and emotionally triggered.

I purposely had stepped into Murphy's hand as we were running the scene and he smacked me hard in the face.  That was controversial of me but later I felt it was a choice that was made that came from logic.  

And that choice to step in and get smacked , I owned it and damn , it worked.  Guyer and his character were pissed. I was triggered to a place I could not even imagine prior . At a certain point the line between actor and characters was extremely thin as Guyer was shouting at me and raging and I was sobbing and screaming and fighting back until he finally took control of my arms  as per the directions in the scene , put me on my knees ,and took a prop pair of kitchen scissors and cut my hair off (a wig) 

I was shaking in my boots in real life at the first sight of Guyer.  He comes with the energy he just brings it . I felt it before I even saw him off set . I was in Day 2 of about 50 shots before working with Guyer so I was completely and totally broken down and in the right place to do the scene. 

It was sick and evil . I felt true grit.

I won't forget that experience . Ever .Thank you to my fellow actor and director.

Afterward, Guyer left quietly. There was no one having a laugh after the "cut". There was no tea happening at the catering table . I hope to run into him again ...