Awards Season in the Industry

I post this pic below of me at Cutler salon and I'm going to let you all in on a little secret about this notion that as actors we are all getting our hair done, doing press , and walking red carpets a lot of the time. ....

That is a mythical fantasy that is the stuff of tabloids. 😆

Promoting our work and appearing for press and attending awards season is arguably separate from an actor's working process .

As actors there is an artist process operating to do the work and then there are our industry dealings ( the business of the industry ) Awards belong mostly to industry business dealings but it is the level of our process and structure of production that creates visibility and eligibility.

Some qualities I believe are needed for acting in spades to ultimately get to participate in awards season are 1 empathy 2 honesty 3 a tolerance for extreme uncomfortability 4 imagination 5 good memory 6 to be able to be both private and uninhibited quickly and directly 7 quick wit and or timing 8 A proper amount of eccentricity on camera or stage i.e. je ne sais quoi 9 A grande and colorful emotional Rolodex 😜10 Committment to pursue studies and push to expand our personhood. (State of "doing") 11 the actual cast for the job !

Wishing good luck to my fellow actors, participating directors , writers and producers this awards season. 

I am a Sag union actor with WGA eligibility and looking towards my 4th short film production this year. * 

And hair needs a trim 💜💗❤️