FAVE EMOJI ? what yours says about you🙏🏻

When emojis started replacing text I was upset . I wondered how it can be possible to reduce valuable human emotion to a little symbol and it frustrated me . As I got used to them I think they are cute and are a good way to quickly express my sentiment . My favorite and most used are the praying hands . I imagine myself saying "Namaste"when I use that emoji. I also punctuate a comment using that symbol as a way to say "I respect you." ANOTHER and most important way I use it is if I'm expressing that I will be praying or wishing well or "hoping"  for you , the person I'm speaking to.  AS FOR THE HEART EYES .... i like to use it for love and not talking about guys using it for TROLLING ! it means "I see you I love you I feel you i love what you are expressing "